Kava CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Oleoresin,  90% Kavalactones #KAV41083

Star-K Kosher
Dietary Supplement       Topical Skin Hare Care       Beverage
The 100% Noble kava plant is harvested in Vanuatu Island and shipped to India where it is CO2 extracted, producing clean tasting highest quality, most concentrated, full spectrum kavalactones.

Get all the benefits of Materia Organica’s Kava CO2 Extract:
• Pure Kava Extract Oleoresin , No Additives or Fillers
CO2 Extracted High Potency Extract
• Contains all the available full spectrum kavalactones.
• No Solvents used
• Vegetarian/Vegan, Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated

Bulk and Powdered Kava Extracts are available in 100g, 1-kilo & 5-kilo.

Materia Organica Kavalactone Paste is third-party tested
Every batch of the Materia Organica Kava Paste CO2 Extract is tested for:
Identity as Kava
kavalactones Potency
Heavy Metals
Lab results are provided in every CoA

Please reach out by email or chat if you would like an LTL bulk quantity Quote 1-800-661-6851

Bulk ingredients Are Not Labeled For Retail Sale. Final packages must be re-labeled in accordance with F.D.A. requirements.