Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera Leaf Extract Powder - 200-Fold,
Certified Organic, Star-K Kosher

Get all the benefits of the Materia Organica’s pure, 200-Fold Aloe Vera water soluble powder.
• 100% Pure, No Additives or Fillers
• Extracted from the clear gel found inside the plant’s leaves.
• Low heat extraction and drying process retains the full spectrum of Aloe Vera’s mucopolysaccharides.
• 200 times more potent than just crude Aloe Vera Gel
• Not contaminated with the green skin
• NO Solvents Used
• Certified USDA Organic, Star-K Kosher
• Vegetarian/Vegan, Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated

Dietary Supplement (Internal)
Skin Care
Hair care
Plant Food

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